Wishing I was There

by Rick

Me on a 83' Huckins

Me on a 83' Huckins

I am currently 43 and looking for a 35' fixer upper to retire on. Just so happens I stumbled on this article. It is exactly what I'm shooting for.

Planning on retiring at the age of 50 gives me a few more years to gather all the required information that I'll need.

I lived on a smaller sailboat 2 years ago and loved it. A master carpenter and ex yachtbuilder there's much reward in the satisfaction of completing projects but the retirement kitty isn't much so this is my plan.

I don't have to live like everyone else. The picket fence isn't for me. Just another way to spend money unneccessarily.

I wont bore you with my philosophy of American culture. Anyway hope to see you along my journey.

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