Why You Should Retire To Texas -- San Antonio, Texas

by Jenn
(San Antonio, TX)

A Nighttime View of San Antonio's Tower of Americas

A Nighttime View of San Antonio's Tower of Americas

Are you researching retirement? Texas is probably on your list already, but hey, it’s a large state, so the concept is probably a little overwhelming. So consider San Antonio!

San Antonio is more than the Alamo, it’s also a terrific place to retire to because of its low cost of living, its great weather, and its culture.

First off, it’s incredibly cheap to live here. Texas doesn’t have state taxes, so you can cross that expense right off your list. Plus, San Antonio never had the housing market bubble or collapse that many other communities across the nation faced.

The median house price is still around $150,000, and that will buy you a fairly Texas-sized house if you want it. If you want something smaller, there are zero-property-line communities in San Antonio that cater to the retiree.

I like Rosehart, which is on the city’s north side – homeowners there don’t even have to worry about lawn maintenance, as the HOA takes care of that for them!

The weather is a real blessing here as well. Winters are usually short and mild, which saves you the cost of buying an entire winter wardrobe. A sweater or a light jacket will frequently be all you need. In fact, more than once I’ve found myself wearing shorts on Christmas!

The spring is bluebonnet season here, and throughout March and April, you see people pulled over on the side of the highway, taking pictures of the bluebonnets in bloom. Summers, admittedly, can be a little intense, but that’s why San Antonio has so many movie theaters – their air conditioning is just as important as the films they show.

San Antonio is extremely welcoming to new arrivals. We’re used to people making their way here, either because of a military connection (we have three active bases in town), for our great hospital system, or for one of our multitude of colleges.

We have low-cost museums, minor-league baseball and hockey teams, and several of the state’s top tourist attractions (the Alamo, of course, but also the Riverwalk and two theme parks).

Finding something inexpensive and fun to do is as easy as picking up a copy of the Friday paper. And if you need to just get out of town for awhile, Austin is only an hour away, or you could drive to the beaches or Houston in less than three.

So as you’re creating your retirement plan, make sure to investigate the Lone Star State, and especially the jewel of a city known as San Antonio. You and your wallet will be happy with the result!

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