Why retire overseas?

Why retire overseas...the obvious reason for overseas retirement is the cost of living is almost always lower in foreign countries.

I will confine my suggestions of where to retire overseas, to countries in the Americas... they are the most popular with over 1 million Americans currently living in Mexico alone.

The number one driver, the cost of health insurance, we have been brainwashed into thinking that our healthcare system is the best in the world... it may not be the best in the world but it certainly is the most expensive... mostly driven by defensive medicine practice by doctors who are concerned about being sued.

It's time to wake up, the time of American leadership, in areas that we used to take for granted...take education for instance are over.

20-30 years ago, people would not even consider retiring someplace other than the United States.

Why retiring overseas makes sense?

If retiring here in the United States, is not economically possible for you... why not take a look at other countries where you can live comfortably on your Social Security income alone?

Here is where I would start gathering information on the viability of retiring overseas, International living magazine... I have paid for a subscription for over three years and you cannot beat the information this publication supplies on a monthly basis, timely and informative.

Why retire overseas?...it beats working in the US

Would you rather be on a beach, drinking a local beer for less than a dollar, or shoveling snow in the Midwest?

The arguments for not considering overseas retirement, such as communicating with family in the US, lack of adequate affordable healthcare,thelanguage barrier , personal safety...are all negated if you would just take the time to investigate the reality of retiring overseas

No shopping?... there are over 100 Walmarts and 30 Costco's in Mexico as we speak...

Why not retire overseas?

We have lived overseas for eight years, when compared to the rat race and keeping up with the Joneses, it was a no-brainer then... and would be today if our economic resources take another downturn like they did in 2008.

When I hear people say that they cannot afford to retire, the first thing I ask themis have you considered living overseas?

The response I get usually has something to do with the drug violence that you see in the border towns between the US and Mexico.

Unfortunately, that is what is usually on the evening news, not the fact that the lifestyle in some sleepy Mexican towns as well as in other countries resembles America in the 1950s and 60s...and what is wrong with that.

Thanks for reading Why retire overseas...why not live abroard?.

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