Why choose Princess cruises?

why choose Princess cruises

If you have been reading this site for long you know that we save money every day in order to spend our money on cruises.

Our love of cruising, is what eventually led to our living on a sailboat for eight years...learn more here about us.

We have cruised about 21 times some with Royal Caribbean, a few with Norwegian Cruise line... We absolutely loved the old Norway...a few with Holland America, and the now defunct Renaissance cruise lines.

The picture above, was our floating home on our recent transatlantic and Mediterranean cruise...the Ruby Princess, shown at anchor in the harbor off Santorini Greece.

I would like to give you three specific reasons why we choose Princess cruise lines... Quality of the product, good value for your money, and an outstanding customer loyalty program.

Why choose Princess cruises.... a quality product

One of the first indicators of a quality product is the morale and happiness of the employees... Go into an Apple Store and you will find employees that truly love their job... I find the same thing on Princess ships, happy crews.

Other indicators of their quality would include their itineraries, cleanliness of the ship, quality of the food, entertainment, and onboard activities.

There are some cruise lines, that I will not mention by name, that I would not use even if it were free.

My wife and I are non-smokers, and Princess has a strict non-smoking policy... except in their casino... And they even have smoke-free casino nights as well...this may not be a big deal to you but it certainly is to my wife and I.

Why choose Princess cruises... a good value for your money

To check how inexpensive cruising can be as a vacation, I would recommend you go to Vacations to go website.

With patience, perseverance, planning, and good timing you should be able to book a Princess cruise inside cabin for $50-$60 a night per person.

When you add up the benefits of unpacking once, all food, entertainment and onboard activities being included in the cruise price... You cannot beat that price per day on land.

Are there cheaper cruise lines? Yes, but the quality of the cruise experience reflects a cheaper price.

My definition of value, is getting a quality product without spending one extra penny... Princess meets my expectations.

Why choose Princess cruises...their loyalty program

Princess has made it very difficult for us to look to other cruise lines because of their customer loyalty program.Here are a few highlights...

  • Onboard credit for veterans from the US or Canada
  • The same credits as above for owners of 100 shares of Carnival Cruise Lines
  • More onboard credits for making future cruise deposits while on board... Fully refundable

What kind of money am I talking about? $250 onboard credit for a 14 day cruise, if you are a vet and a shareholder that's $500 to spend on drinks, onboard shopping, and shore excursions.

If you make a $100 per person deposit for a future Princess crusie while on board, that same 14 day cruise will get you an additional $75-$100 per person, depending on the category of cabin you select.

To summarize, if you are a veteran, a shareholder, and made a future cruise deposit...a 14 day cruise (with inside cabin) will give you $650 credit to spend on board.

These deals, seem too good to be true, but they are true and you should take advantage of them.

To learn more about why choose Princess cruises... It is their official website.