Why choose Celebrity cruises?

As you must know by now, Julie and I are very fond of cruising... To us it is the ultimate in frugal vacation choices.

So why choose Celebrity Cruises?

Essentially, you are boarding a floating hotel, having to unpack only once, not having to worry about a thing until you reach the end of your voyage, as your hotel floats from one interesting place to another.

You literally do not have to lift a finger, as your room steward will keep your room nice and neat.

Why choose Celebrity cruises?...The dining experience

One of the real attractions to cruising is the outstanding food and varying cuisines that you are offered.

Since it is all included in your cruise price you can have anything on the menu, or anything from the buffets, all at no extra charge... I am referring to the public restaurants and buffets... For an extra charge you can try various really gourmet restaurants but trust me the food is excellent especially at dinnertime.

Would you order escargot, or lobster bisque, if you've never had it before at a restaurant? The answer is probably no since these are both very expensive items will probably cost you somewhere between 10 and $20... On a cruise ship you can sample whatever food you like if you like it fine if you don't send it back and they will be glad to bring you something else... No questions asked, really.

A comparison of the pros and cons of both Princess and Celebrity cruise lines and we choose Celebrity cruises

Since I previously gone on record as recommending Princess I would like to give you a list of the pros and cons of each company

  • Price... A slight edge to Princess especially if you are in the military as they allow you to combine the cruise credits for military service and owning 100 shares of the parent company stock... On a transatlantic cruise over 14 days you are offered $250 onboard credit for each of these categories by Princess only one by Celebrity
  • Ship quality...Celebrity hands down from soaring interior atriums to over all maintenance of the ship Celebrity would be a 10 and Princess a 4
  • Room size... Since we always take the cheapest accommodation, an interior cabin, Celebrity really shines because they have about 30% more space and it really makes a difference... A couch to spread out on versus having to do everything from your bed on Princess
  • Quality of food... Again in my humble opinion Celebrity has much better food... I especially recommend listening to your waiters recommendation, they have tasted every appetizer soup, salad, and entrée and if you follow the recommendations you will not be displeased
  • Prices on shore excursions... On most cruises Julie and I do our own thing and make our own arrangements, sometimes when the port is so far from the attractions you take a look at shore excursions... We purchased a shore excursion in Sicily that took us to a beautiful city about an hour away from the ship short guided tour and return for $45 person... Princess would charge you probably twice that for a similar tour... And forget airport transfers from either company, they are outrageously priced
  • Entertainment... We do not go to every evening performance, on Celebrity cruises their production shows are the best I've ever seen... Acrobatic performers that swing out over the audience provides a truly on forgettable entertainment experience
  • Crew demeanor... It doesn't take you long once you're aboard the ship to determine whether or not it is a happy crew... We have found the cruise staff on Celebrity to stand out in their general happy outlook and willingness to help in order to make your vacation experience as pleasant as possible... Such a noticeable difference has to come from the top and it is very obvious that Celebrity crews are happy
  • Less emphasis on formal nights...Celebrity has recently changed your evening dress code from formal to elegant chic... In English this means if you don't want to wear a tie or an evening dress it is not necessary... Does this help when you're packing, you bet it does...


Why choose Celebrity cruises?... It simply a better experience and value for your cruising dollar

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