Why Arizona?... Easy question to answer if you like great weather

Why Arizona for retirement?

Why Arizona? as I write this it's 80 outside, I played golf in shorts yesterday. So what's the big deal?

Well it's December, and the news is full of the snowstorms that are sweeping the Midwest and Northeast...

They're worried about losing the citrus crop in Florida... Something about the strawberries don't like it if it's below 28 for more than four hours.

Don't get me wrong, no place is perfect... But I've lived all over the world, and for my money you can't beat Arizona. You know it's a great place weatherwise, when you see a cloud and make a comment,... There are so many days where there's never a cloud to be seen.

It's something that doesn't take a long time to get used to. We joked yesterday, that a mutual friend in Illinois, who broke down and bought a snowblower...

Things you'll need to live in Arizona

There are some things you're going to need if you retire to Arizona... and I strongly recommend that you do so.

  • A really good pair of sunglasses
  • Making it a habit put on sunblock
  • A good dermatologist if you forget the above
  • Get ready for friends to visit in the winter time
  • Go visit the same friends in July and August

I am not kidding, about friends visiting you in the wintertime...

If you are the first of the group to retire to Arizona, people you hardly remember be calling up to see if it's okay to come down for a few days... get used to it.

At least in Phoenix, you will need to know how to find those same friends in July and August...

It is nice to take a break from the heat for two to three weeks in those months.

If you stay the entire summer, something to look forward to, is a 2 1/2 hour round of golf with your buddies... You learn to stay in the shade, drink lots of water, and you will be fine.

What you will not need in Arizona

Why Arizona, by the same token, there are certain things you will never need in Arizona:

  • Snowblower, galoshes, fur coats, ice scrapers, etc.
  • A lawnmower,in the right community
  • An overcoat of any kind
  • Chains for driving in snow

I was not born in Arizona, but I got here as soon as I could.

With the possible exception of the eight years he spent on a sailboat in the Caribbean, Arizona has been our favorite place to live


The answer to why Arizona? is very simple, when you realize how wonderful it is to see the sunshine almost every day... And that happens well over 330 days a year in where we live in Arizona.

Thanks for reading Why Arizona?

Retiring in Arizona

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