Where to retire checklist... Make sure you use these two tips

When making your where to retire checklist, do not forget these two tips that you may overlook.

The first tip is to spend time talking to and observing the current residents of one of your potential retirement locations.

The second tip is to always rent before you buy... staying at a hotel or resort does not qualify for this tip.

From a rental apartment or condo you will be forced to do the every day things like laundry, bank, post office, grocery shopping, etc.... you may or may not do these things when you're staying in a resort setting...do not overlook this important tip.

Let's discuss both of these in detail.

Where to retire checklist tip number one

Make it a point to hang out with the current residents of the location that you are considering.

You can get a good feel for a place when you ask them, "Would you recommend this place as a retirement location?"

You will soon learn that some people complain about everything... so ask enough people the same question that you can discard those that are continuously discontent.

Ask a follow-up question to those that give a positive response..." Why do you like this place so much"?

You may discover that the reasons they like the place have nothing to do with what's important to you.

For instance, if everyone raves about the golf courses, and you're interested in hiking or fishing... the comments on good golf courses may not be relevant to your situation.

This is just common sense, asked the people that have lived there for a while, about the pros and cons of this particular location.

Where you find people to ask this question?... at the grocery store, the coffee shop, the post office, standing in line at the bank... you get the idea.

Where to retire checklist tip number two

Is extremely important to rent before you buy in your new retirement location.

What would count as renting would be visiting in an RV ( like we did before we chose Arizona).

What would not count would be making the decision from a hotel, motel or resort... You are not forced to do the everyday things that you would have to do if you lived there.

At a hotel you would not be going to the bank, the library, DMV... a hotel or resort is designed for your comfort and entertainment.

Your where to retire checklist should list other things... such as what is listed on this link.

Choosing the best retirement location for your family is important. Do is the smart way... ask lots of people what they think of where they live and make sure you rent before you buy.

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