When can I retire? Never ask this question to anyone outside your immediate family

The question when can I retire? Should only be asked by yourself or your loved ones...relying on anyone else to make this important decision for you is folly.

Try this out... announce to your neighbors, coworkers friends that you are going to chuck it all and retire in six months.

Jealousy... the definition of: "you doing something that other people wish they had the guts to do."

If you know that the response of others is going to be negative when you propose early-retirement, you won't be surprised.

Beware of swapping time for dollars because that reduces the time you will spend in retirement.

Remember John D Rockefeller...at the end of his life, the richest man in the world was asked how much money was enough... his reply..." Just a little bit more".

Common answers to when can I retire?

Ever hear these responses to the above question?

  • When I have accumulated x dollars in the bank, or hit the Lotto
  • When I can pay cash for a certain model RV, boat,  condo, or beach house
  • When my kids are through with college
  • When I get through with a certain project at work

The common thread in all these questions, is that they are controlled by outside forces... not by you.

No one knows what your health is going to be tomorrow or how much you really desire to retire.

Letting the decision to retire be made by other people is a sad commentary... this should be your decision and yours alone.

When can I retire?

The question should be rephrased to I want to retire as soon as possible, how can I make it happen?

This approach takes into account the realization that health seldom increases with age... you know the clock is ticking... the bucket list is getting longer not  shorter.

You realize that the stress of working for someone else, doing someone else's bidding, relinquishing control of your daily life adds to your stress level.

There is not much stress in taking a nap in a hammock... compare that to being stuck in  traffic for your usual hour plus commute.

It should not take a doctor or a psychologist to answer this question for you.

Retirement is much healthier.

When can I retire? When you stop and realize that there are few more important decisions that you will ever make in your life.

How about now?

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