What is assisted living? is it for you?

Assisted living is a step, for seniors, between living independently and a nursing home.

Consider Assisted Living if you (or your folks):

Know you (they) need a little help with daily chores like dressing or showering.

Need the companionship of folks your age.

You may need to be reminded to take your medicene.

Like to have a nurse handy not that you need one...it just makes you feel better.

Know for certain that you are not ready for a a nursing home.

What is assisted living?...if the very thought, of them driving a car, give you the heebie-jeebies, assisted living may be the answer.

How much and who pays?

Assisted living is almost totally paid for by the individual and family. It generally runs from $1800 to $2400 a month. A nursing home which is covered somewhat by Medicare is about 40% more.

What you get in an Assisted Living Facility

Programs can be developed, along with the price, for various functions. These programs are reviewed regularly. Services usually provided:

  • Three meals
  • Transportation
  • Help dressing and bathing
  • Medication dispensing
  • Nurse on duty/call
  • Entertainment and group activites
  • Transition to nursing home when necessary

Family caregiver advice

When you notice family members slowing down it is not a bad idea to start checking...by yourself...what is available in your area.

If you do the leg work, checking prices and services, when you do show mom or dad a facility; it will be less stressful on all concerned.

My favorite uncle is 92 years old

He still lives in the same house he has lived in for 35 years. He is in great health. He is totally independent.

He is aware of assisted living alternatives. He is just not ready to give up his independence...yet.

He knows his balance and equilibrium are not the same as they were 20 years ago and has promised to let us know when going up and down the stairs becomes aproblem. The home is split level...garage and laundry downstairs, everything else upstairs.

He knows, and is not dreading, that a trip to the assisted living facility is in his future.


What is assisted living? It is a great way for a person, and the caregivers, to get a little help before the nursing home becomes necessary.

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