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We buy vitamins online...we take vitamins and supplements on a daily should you. The last thing you need is to get sick...especially on a sailboat.

So we made sure we had all the vitamins we needed for the season in our carryon luggage when we went to the boat.

At the time we took a multiple supplement, vitamin E and a B complex. Currently we take a multiple supplement, Vitamin E, Fish oil, resveratrol,Vitamin B complex. red rice yeast, glucosimine chondroitin.

The fact that we take more stuff than we did 15 years ago should tell you 2 things. One as you age you develop more aches and pains... duh.

Secondly if it sounds like too much...drop by your local emergency room for a need to know the way back, because when you get your bill you will surely need medical attention again.

Do I have expensive urine...I do not taking too many vitamins, to getting sick...I'll make Botanic Choice World rich thank you.

Why we use Botanic Choice

First they pass my brides test of being cheap. Trust me she throws money around like it is a manhole cover...she is buys vitamins from You can trust - their products are doctor recommended and always carry an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.. Enough said.

We use should too.

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