Visit National Parks first

Visit national parks? That's exactly what my wife and I did last month our first visit to Yosemite in 40 years... That is the famous El Capitan in the background.

Why choose a national park visit if you have a chance to go to a foreign location for vacation?

  • It's usually closer to home
  • Which involves much less travel hassle
  • If you're over 62 you can really save some money with the National Park Senior Pass
  • Your keeping the money in the US and it needs it now.

PS Save yourself some money and buy the senior pass for $10 at the park entrance instead of asking for them to send it to you by mail, which is an extra $10.

Do your homework first

Some of these suggestions might be considered simplistic but always visit the National Park website first.

You will find very helpful employees that will help you plan your vacation.

Is an important that the weather be perfect?

If not sometimes you can have the park  and all of its paths to yourself. 

Review  and this page for other money-saving ideas

Visit National Parks...our favorites

Our favorite parks are in the West, Glacier in Montana; Yellowstone in Wyoming and Montana; Grand Canyon in her home state of Arizona: Bryce Canyon, Arches and Zion in Utah.

Even the lesser known parks such as Joshua tree in California are very interesting and offer some great hikes.

So wherever you live find and visit a national park close to you.

You may be very pleasantly surprise that great natural beauty is all around us in the United States.

Will we also continue to take transatlantic cruises and visit foreign countries... Sure we will... Traveling is how we spend the money that we save by living frugally.

I cannot help but be reminded when I visit something as beautiful as Yosemite National Park... To stop and thank the visionaries like John Muir and Pres. Theodore Roosevelt for their foresight of the importance of saving our national treasures for generations to come.