UK Motor Home Vacation

Your rolling home in the UK

Your rolling home in the UK

Are you worrying about how to provide a fun alternative to expensive holidays for your family by making your own credit crunch holidays? Have you considered hiring a motorhome and travelling around the United Kingdom? Why could this be a good choice in the current unpredictable economic situation?

Poor sterling-euro exchange rate:

With the poor exchange rate of the pound sterling against the euro, British residents will get much less for their money in Europe unless the present situation improves. At the time of this press release, (December 16th 2008), we are seeing “parity” between the pound sterling and the euro for the first time ever.

As a result many United Kingdom residents will consider not going abroad for their 2009 holiday unless the situation improves.

This is why the smart money is on a motorhome holiday for 2009.

If the exchange rate does not improve before the summer then a motorhome holiday in the United Kingdom makes good financial sense.

If the exchange rate should improve in the pound sterling’s favour then you could still take your already hired motorhome to Europe and make the most of getting more euros for your money. Countries such as Spain and also the former Eastern block countries such as Croatia have great cheap campsites and meals out are inexpensive.

Better fuel prices:

It is worth noting that economic and political circumstances surrounding America and the Middle East have meant that fuel prices have stabilized during the autumn of 2008. Petrol and diesel are less expensive than they were a few months ago, a situation which looks likely to last into 2009 and a factor that is very important if you are considering a touring holiday.

Investing in the United Kingdom:

If you do “holiday at home” in the United Kingdom you will be helping to keep small businesses in your own country afloat. You may be helping other people just like you to provide for their families. You will be making a “greener choice” too by not flying to your holiday destination.

When you hire your motorhome in the United Kingdom and you pay in pounds sterling, you are not affected by fluctuations in the European exchange rate.

Families love motorhome holidays:

Children love camping holidays but sometimes Mums and Dads find the “under canvas” variety somewhat lacking in luxury!

With a motorhome you have warm, dry shelter if the British climate turns damp.
(Mind you I have been rained on more in Spain and France during camping and caravan holidays than ever in Great Britain!)

You have your own toilet and shower facilities on board, especially useful if you have toddlers and babies. Older children actually like the novelty of using the campsite facilities.

You can pack everything you will need, including toys and games for the children, into your hired motorhome, to make it a home from home for your family. Flying abroad with young children and all their paraphernalia is becoming a nightmare in terms of baggage restrictions, surcharges etc.

You can prepare cheap excellent meals in the motorhome kitchen with food bought from local supermarkets if you are trying to keep to a low budget.

Children make friends so easily on a campsite and often the bigger sites have events planned to entertain them too. You do not have to spend loads of money taking them to theme parks every day of the week.

Modern motorhomes are compact and easy to drive on most roads after a short practice.
You can carry bicycles on the back for light supermarket runs and simply for enjoyable family bicycle rides.

Most families have to accommodate each other’s varying tastes and enthusiasms. With a motorhome you are free to divide your holiday into different stops. You could spend a few days chilling on the coast, then travel to the one of the National Parks. You could stop off in one of the classic resorts such as Blackpool to satisfy the children’s yearning for arcades, slot machines, fun fair rides and candy floss!. Think of the possibilities of a motorhome adventure around Scotland or Wales.


A real bonus is that if you end up in an area or on a campsite that just doesn’t suit you or your family’s needs, you can simply pay up for the time you have stayed and move on somewhere else. Just think of the times you have booked self-catering accommodation and descriptions have been misleading, equipment hasn’t worked etc., leaving you stuck somewhere that you don’t like for a fortnight.

On the road:

One of the joys of traveling by motorhome as adults or with children is that you can pull off the road or motorway, use your toilet, brew up a cup of tea or coffee, make some food without being held to ransom by exhorbitant service station prices.

When you feel you need a break from driving, you simply stop and park up.

While we are reluctant to encourage wild camping for environmental and safety reasons, a motorhome is well equipped to cope with an overnight stop of this nature should circumstances arise.

Motorhome hire for weekend festivals in the United Kingdom:

Enjoy the summer festivals in luxury!

Until recently many motorhome hire companies were reluctant to hire out motorhomes for these purposes. They were concerned about damage and the fact that often it was groups of younger people who hired motorhomes for these occasions. However the best motorhome companies are now more broadminded about this area of the market as they have very strict insurance policies in place to protect the interests of all parties. Indeed the motorhome hire company is likely to demand a large deposit against risk of damage and possible higher cleaning costs,

What better way to begin your summer than a June holiday in the West Country of England before the crowds become too much, culminating with a weekend at Glastonbury festival?

If you’d like to find out more about motorhome hire as an answer to your request for credit crunch holidays you can call 0800 612 8719 (This is a free call from the UK) anytime of the day or night to get a quote.

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