Travel checklist

travel checklist

From chaos like this, a travel checklist, will prevent us from forgetting something, and having to buy it in a non-frugal manner when we arrive at our destination.

Our spare bedroom doesn't always look like this but were leaving for Europe in three days...

In an extreme case, like forgetting tickets or passports, your entire trip could be ruined.

So make a travel checklist, Here is ours, you should personalize yours to meet your specific needs...

For instance if you're traveling with children or grandchildren, you would have a much bigger list.

The less you rely on your memory... Which always gets better with age... Yeah right... The less stressful your traveling can be.

Travel checklist... The results

I can honestly say tthat we have never forgotten anything really important on any trip in almost 4 decades of marriage.

If you forget your toothpaste or mouthwash, what are the chances of you being able to buy it at your destination... On sale, with coupons... Get the idea.

Replacing an item that you need for your trip will almost always result in paying through the nose.

So be smart and make your own travel checklist.

One more advantage of having a travel checklist, is that we can take trips on the spur of the moment, and not have to worry about forgetting something important... The last thing that we both do is review the list, which has everything crossed off... The last minute items highlighted... We then turn off the water to the house and were off.

Travel checklist, the new reality of air travel

Newsflash, traveling by air is a pain in the you know what.

There is no sense getting upset, but I have had gifts confiscated because they contained 3.2 ounces of liquid... A corkscrew that we had used for over 20 years... A small pocket knife that belong to my father-in-law, who I greatly admired, no amount of money can replace that pocketknife.

Moral of the story, make sure you put such items in your checked bags, and be extremely careful in what you put in your carry-on bags, the Department of Homeland security and TSA employees are not swayed by commonsense arguments... Nor do they possess any type of sense of humor.

Let your checklist reflect, if you are traveling by air, what you put into your carry-on luggage.

I almost always use a backpack and a fanny pack when I travel by air.

Use these rules to your advantage if you can, any drugstore will have containers of exactly 3 ounces... Nothing to stop you from putting 3 ounces of your favorite adult beverage, in such a container...than you can shake your head at the guy or gal in 14 C that just whipped out six bucks for his cocktail.

Thanks for reading travel checklist...hope you got some pointers.

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