Top ten reasons to retire

How are you coming on your bucket list?

If you think that the top ten reasons to retire list is all about financial planning you would be incorrect.

This list will concentrate on something more important than money... That would be time.

That's right time is more important than money when it comes to a successful retirement plan.

This fact you will never hear from a retirement planner... You retire they lose a client.

If you've not decided that the best retirement planner for you is yourself you need to click on the above link.

You need to draw your own "green line". It may sound selfish, but if you don't look out for number one...who will. Next time you turn on TV, notice how many of the commercials are for big financial companies...they spend billions on advertising every year...think they would spend that kind of money without a return on investment.

Be smart.

The top ten reasons to retire now list

  1. You are not getting any younger... You are one day closer to your obituary, the longer you delay retirement the less time you will be retired.
  2. You become physically weaker as you age...DUH... The things that you are looking forward to do in retirement are becoming more difficult every day, like getting out of bed.
  3. You can start working on your retirement bucket list...the longer you wait the less time you will have to do the things and visit the places on your personal bucket list
  4. There are no assurances for the future... Is tomorrow really a given?
  5. When you retire you can choose the people that you interact with. This simple fact is the source of a lot of stress when you are working... Think about it.
  6. The sooner you retire the fewer regrets you will have... Some retirees spend more time going over their regrets than recalling their accomplishments... Do not let this be you.
  7. When you retire you will have opportunities to volunteer, mentor, giveback to society... This is a wonderful reward for people that retire.
  8. Your quality of life may not be all that great in 5 to 15 years... Enjoy life now, good health seldom increases with age.
  9. When you retire you are doing what you want to do... Not what someone else tells you to do.
  10. Lastly... Retirement beats working any day of the week

This list was valid in 1994 when I said goodbye to the workplace and is still valid today.

How do my top ten reasons to retire line up with yours?

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