The good life...really

by Jim
(Everett, WA)

OK big kahuna,because of you I now live on a 30 foot Lancer yacht and I am finding a new lifestyle. I had no idea what a sunrise looked like on a crisp morning in Everett WA. WOW.

Just would like to thank you for being the catalyst for a new life dream,really thanks. I'm getting the thrift shops in line for my material needs and learning the ways of the managers spacial for food.

There is one aspect to frugal living that you may not or you may be aware of, This past Fri I was laid off from work.

Don't be sorry, think about it. I'm in the best possible position for the times that we live. For the first time in my life I'm not worried, this too shall pass. The people that I work for are just so good to me sometimes I think their family.

I now get to play on my boat and tinker, yes I'M real big on that. I just need to learn the fine art of ( it is what it is ), and relax.

Well as I sit here in front of my fireplace ( DVD HA,HA ) I'm still in awe about the whole thing. Reflecting with heart and love for the freedom I have been given.

I also wish your readers to think as you taught me...what's stopping you? I had no answer, so here I am.

The truth is, words can't express my gratitude ,,,,,,,,Jim H. of Everett WA

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