The cheapest place to Retire?...Anywhere you want

The cheapest place to retire does not have to be place of hardship and no fun.

Anyplace you can get a park model mobile home on will allow you to live cheaply.

If you must have the activities, which are mind boggling, of a large park model community this may not apply to you.

But if you are happy with the great outdoors and want lots of space to stretch out read on.

The term park model mobile home is misleading because they are usually mobile only once.

From the factory to the park model community is probably the first and last time it is mobile.

But if you have some vacant the paved road...and really want to live there, the park model mobile home may be for you.

If you really want somehting that looks like a log cabin...the manufacturers have those as well.

The cheapest place to retire could be your favorite place to hunt, fish or a place where you get away from it all.

The cheapest place to is what you need.

You need the following:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Gas

It looks overwhelming at first glance.

We are used to our homes having flush toilets, microwaves, plentiful water and gas fired water heaters and stoves.

The cheap places to live can have the same things. You will have the same services just delivered differently.We group the sources of those amenities as "utilities".

Here's how you address each one...that has no pole running to the property.


The cheapest place to retire could be anywhere there is sunshine and a breeze.

Would you really want to live somewhere the sun didn't shine a lot? Solar panels, a wind generator a few batteries for storage and you are all set.

You can make enough of your own power to easily watch TV, power the internet, have lights, may decide you can do without a hair dryer and microwave...both pull lots of amps to run.

This Basil's bar on the island of Musitique...he had solar also might catch Mick Jagger, who has a home there.


You can drill a water well. Depending on your location this may or may not be costly.

You should start by visiting with your neighbors and what they do for water. Then would be to get a good engineer to give you a on site analysis of what you might be looking at to get water.

When finding the cheapest place for retirement getting water is the biggie, the other 3 are easily solved.


25% of all dwellings are not hooked to the sewer system, most all use a septic system of some kind.

As cheap as we are, we draw the line at no outhouse. Again check with neighbors and your local government agency, for what is required.


Propane is readily available throughout the US.

Propane is stored in tanks owned by the propane company and placed on your property.

Propane can also be used for refrigeration if you don't want to use electricity to power your refrig. Propane is also not a greenhouse gas like natural gas if this is important to you.

Our story

We are positive that all these methods work. Why? Because for 8 years we lived on our sailboat and used these methods.

We had 2 solar panels and a wind generator for power. Propane tanks for cooking. We had to buy water at first, later we installed a watermaker to turn salt water into drinking water.

So you can do this too.

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