Summer Gal living in Arizona

by Joy

I lived in northern Arizona for 11 years, 2 years on the Navajo Nation and 9 in the Winslow area. I am from the Midwest originally and found I loved living in Arizona.

Next to no humidity so your glass of iced tea doesn't even sweat because the moisture evaporates immediately. We had seasons in northern Arizona, but because of low humidity, summer nights are cool and while winter days begin cold, they usually warm up fast to a reasonable temperature.

A HUGE plus in Arizona is the ability to leave your climate, drive a few hours and be in a completely different climate. For instance, if we wanted warm weather in the winter, we took a weekend trip down south.

If we wanted cool weather in the summer, Flagstaff rarely gets warmer than low 80s. Flagstaff also features winter snow skiing. The Mogollon Rim on the way to Strawberry, AZ is breathtaking in the winter after a snowfall there.

Huge pine trees with limbs blanketed in white snow--looks like a postcard. As mentioned by the author of this article, people think of Arizona as being one big desert, but it is also home to the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world.

If you love a gentle landscape, you can find some here, but most of Arizona features beautiful, diverse and rugged terrain which I find beautiful.

There are a few drawbacks--spring is usually VERY windy and it can be annoying to hear wind singing through the electrical wires day and night.

Looking toward the future, it is possible that the availability of enough clean water for everyone could someday be a real concern. However, that is true of the west as a whole.

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