Sleep tips... a good night's sleep is important

It seems as we age our ability to get a good nights sleep becomes more difficult... let's take a look at some tips on how to sleep better without a visit to the pharmacy.

So far, I am 67, I have avoided prescription drugs of any kind... I think it is a slippery slope and with the possible exception of high blood pressure medication... the longer you can go without taking prescription drugs of any kind the better off you are going to be.

And the prescriptions for sleeping pills is getting out of hand... lets try some practical tips before asking the doctor to help make the pharmaceutical companies any richer.

Sleep tips... tip number one

I like to use a noise machine to block out strange noises at night.

You can get these on Amazon, they have a variety of background noises from gentle rain, jungle sounds, waves washing ashore, a heartbeat... the choices are endless and perhaps one will enable you to get a good nights sleep.

It is a very good investment for a good night sleep.

Sleep tips... tip number two

Do not eat anything a couple hours before you go to bed... if you do blood is rushed the stomach to aid digestion... we need the blood nice and calm before we go to bed.

In fact, on the infrequent times that we do have red meat, I usually take an Alka-Seltzer to settle the stomach... I've also found that papaya enzyme pills can be effective in helping the stomach digest a heavy meal.

The point is it is very difficult to get a good nights sleep after consuming a heavy meal very close to bedtime... common sense right?

Sleep tips...tip number three

If you think that drinking alcohol before you go to bed will help a good nights sleep, you might want to think again.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body, so if you do drink a couple hours before bedtime make sure that you finish off with a big glass or two of water... it will help the body's need for hydration while you sleep.

I would rather wake up to have to go to the bathroom then wake up tossing and turning because my body is hungry for the hydration that the alcohol removes... so if you do drink alcohol just make sure that your last drink is a big glass of water.

Sleep tips... tip number four

Do not watch TV in your bedroom before you go to bed, with the possible exception of the Andy Griffith show, almost anything else will activate your mind when you're trying to give it some rest.

Probably the worst you could watch would be the news before you try to go to sleep... it's so depressing these days I cannot imagine how it would help anyone get to sleep.

Sleep tips... tip number five

You spend or should spend at least one third of every 24 hours in bed... why skimp on a mattress purchase that is so important?

This site is all about frugal retirement living, but you need to buy the very best bed that you can afford... personally we use a was very expensive but it will last us 20 years, it really makes no sense to try to save a few bucks on something so important.

If you are not getting enough sleep your not going to be able to function properly, bite the bullet and buy the very best mattress that you can find.

Sleep tips...tip number six

Your bedroom should be used for nothing more than sleeping... it's a bad idea unless you're living in an efficiency, to have a computer for such in your bedroom.

Your bedroom should be as dark as possible, you have taken care of the noise pollution with a sleep machine, take care of light pollution with blackout curtains or at the very least a sleep mask.

We hope that you enjoyed readingsleep tips...sleep tight.

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