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Guide to living cheap 

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Refinance your home 

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Retire in Arizona

Retiring to Arizona 

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Arizona is healthy

Spring training in Arizona

Why Arizona?

Arizona Park model living

Arizona Park models

Arizona retirement community

Arizona wineries

Arizona retirement living

Our Arizona retirement story

Best state to retire in for good weather

Choosing Arizona over Florida

Things to do in Phoenix

Cheap Arizona retirement 

Arizona retirement living

Retire in Arizona cheaply

Use a Mexican dentist and save

Arizonas Financial Health

Taxes in Arizona

Choosing an Arizona Realtor

Retiring to Arizona useful links

Health Issues

Health Insurance...you need it but you don't have to overpay 

Alzheimers Disease 

Understanding Medicare options 

What is assisted living?

Living Aboard A Sailboat

Your anchor, a key factor in sleeping well 

What to look for in a cruising sailboat 

How we chose our boat 

Your Dinghy, don't make the mistakes we made 

A typical day aboard a sailboat

How we kept safe on Shadowtime 

Our routine when we sailed 

Getting boat work done was easy and cheap 

Life after the boat...where we are now 

Living on a boat, how to get started 

How not to get started to live on a boat 

Living off the grid

No utility bills...real frugal freedom

Solar power for your home

Living Overseas

Panama, have they got a deal for you

Caribbean anyone...no problem mon

Ecuador, it doesn't get much cheaper

Retire to Cuenca, Ecuador

Retire in Argentina

Retire to Colombia

Retiring in Belize

Retiring to Costa Rica

Retiring to Nicaragua

Uruguay, if you want Europe without the cost

To see our four favorite retirement countries

Retire abroad

Retiring overseas myths

For up to date info on retiring overseas

Mexico, so close to home

How to retire in Mexico

Retire to Mexico by RV

Use a Mexican dentist, we do

Retiring to Mexico

Park Model Lifestyle

Why not have 2 park models, you can afford it

The cheapest place to retire? Why not where you want to live the most?

Arizona, park model heaven

A used park model is a cheap way to go

Cheap living in a park model

A park model is ideal for off the grid living

RV Living Lifestyle

The nuts and bolts of RV Fulltiming

What's the downside of Fulltiming

Cheap living in a RV

A to Z in RV's

RV retirement park life

If you need some spending money while RVing

When you go RV shopping make a checklist

The very best way to RV Cheaply

Small Space Living

Practical Tips for small space living

Living in small spaces

Downsizing for retirement

Step by Step how to Organize small living spaces

What is the best state to retire in?

A retirement checklist

Best State to Retire In

Best Retirement Cities

Best Retirement Communities

Best Retirement Locations in the US

Florida, the best beaches

Arizona, it sure works for me

Missouri, the Show me State

Arkansas, a great value for retirement

Texas, Living Large in the Lone Star State

Oregon, the beautiful Northwest

Montana, the Really Big Sky Country

Colorado, get your Rocky Mountain High

South Carolina, The Old South wants you

The US Virgin Islands, your home in the Caribbean

If its none of the above try Mexico

What is the tax situation in these states?

State Income Taxes, none in seven states

Sales tax, important for big ticket items

How they rate with all taxes considered

Be careful about deciding solely on taxes

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How to retire to the internet

How to work at home make extra money

For work at home moms

Home refinance tips...be careful

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