Scared to take that first major step

by Anxious in Rhode Island

Well, we have bought the boat, a bargain, the owner had died and had tore everything out of it before he passed, we have been working on getting it off the hard and into the water, which should be next month.

My fiance is trying hard to get it put together enough to get it in the water. I love going to the marina, especially at night, but I am having such a difficult difficult time just making that move on board, don't know what I am afraid of, don't want to give up my home (even though we are renting).

It just feels like I will never have a home again, and I know you can make it a home. I have friends, one of them a woman who live on their boat year round here in Rhode Island.

Help with suggestions please. Thanks, have a nice summer...

Editor's reply:

Dear Anxious,

Any worthwhile journey begins with one are about to take that step.

Enjoy yourselves, you can make a boat a home...but with less clutter.

Embrace the moment...head south...Jimmy Buffett is right...

All the best,


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Jul 05, 2010
Dare to LIVE!

You don't mention your age, but I felt same way when WE determined to retire to a country in different hemisphere! Can't take EVERYTHING that far! Had to prioritize material items that were most important.
Couldn't emigrate after all (age cap over THERE) and spouse ended up leaving me anyway - unrelated to move. Yet practice of deciding what I could part with was a good one.
Somehow store what you might regret parting with and get on the boat! NOTHING to say you can't go back! 'SPECIALLY if renting! Take that STEP! Have an ADVENTURE! Most folks at the end of their lives regret what they DIDN'T DO, not what they DID! Enjoy your life either way! - S.

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