Saving time, don't neglect this important resource

Why don't we look at saving time as just as important as saving money by using coupons, buying in bulk,...

We should look at time as a renewable resource but one that is being spent to our best advantage.

A timesaver that my wife and I use whenever we go on a trip, is our pack list, If you would like to see it in PDF form, click here

. A couple of days before any trip, we print this out and start checking off items as they are packed, the night before we leave we use a yellow highlighter to highlight the items that are done at the last minute... such as turn off the water, unplug the TV, computer, here or air conditioner... you get the idea.

We have used such a list for over 38 years and I can honestly say that we have never forgotten anything that we need for any particular trip... it is a timesaver, prevents us asking each other have you pack this for that...

I suggest that you make one for yourself and your particular family... you will not only save time you will save a lot of aggravation.

Saving time on the computer

How many times do you sit down to the computer and forget how to do a simple task.

Make a list of reminders... such as how to convert a JPEG file to a PDF... you would be surprised how often you forget and end up spending 10 minutes to do a task when it could be done in 30 seconds.

Make a computer procedures file/folder and write down the procedure... or the URL of how to do it step by step.

One of the biggest timesavers, that I use is RoboForm... which automatically fills in passwords for logins, fills forms, it is something that I use every day... in fact it is my home page on my computer.

Remember the name of this site is you cannot get any more frugal than free... here is the link to get Roboform free.

If you go to a website frequently or want to remember it... use bookmarking.

Here is how to do it

Saving time watching television

To the technical geniuses that developed ways to record your favorite programs... store them... and then allow you to watch them fast forwarding through the commercials... thank you very much.

This is something that we use on a daily basis, it is great for storing movies, and good programs from PBS, National Geographic Channel... For instance, my wife and I recently watched Mrs. Doubtfire... Robin Williams is a national treasure in my opinion... and noted that the length of the recording was three hours... the movie is only two hours long... I can imagine trying to watch that movie live and enduring one hour of commercials.

We personally use Direct TV...if you can't get a DVR from your TV provider... or want to own your own DVR, try TIVO .

Saving time conclusion

We hope that you picked up some tips on how to save time in the things you do on a daily basis or special things like preparing for a trip.

Treat time as the valuable resource that it really is.

Thanks for reading saving time

Here is the main page for saving methods

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