Saving resources... more than just money

Ben Franklin, the guy with the kite, not the dime credited with saying..." waste not, want not".

It is a way of life in our house, thanks to my frugal wife and a well used label making machine... we put everything that we use on a regular basis into Tupperware containers.

Here you see what I mean, leftovers in Tupperware and a Ziploc bag...from last night's dinner... we throw out very little food.

Our lunch, is almost always made from leftovers... and Sunday night is always the cooks might off... so we have leftovers again... and this reporter is not complaining in any way shape or form.

Our garbage disposal is one of the least used appliances in our house... and if you look for ways to save resources, your garbage disposal can have a long life as well.

Saving resources, not just leftovers

Time is certainly a resource... and planning your shopping trips will save on gas and wear and tear on your car.

Gas is finally dropping below three dollars a gallon as this is written, but that's no excuse to waste it.

We learned from our living aboard a sailboat days that water was a precious resource.

We had a 90 gallon freshwater tank, and that could last us two weeks, a shower a piece each day, rinsing the dishes, and our drinking water...him

Compare that to the average American family of four that uses 400 gallons of water a day.

Talk about resources going down the drain .

Take a look at what your family consumes on a daily basis and look for ways to save your resources... each family has a different situation, which leads to different opportunities to conserve.

Saving resources... think green

When you conserve you are not only being more friendly to the environment... which is a good thing, we only have one planet and we should take good care of it.

The bottom line to conservation of resources... will save you another kind of green... and that's the type of green you fold and put in your wallet or your purse.

Ben Franklin was ahead of his time as a conservationist when he coined the phrase about not wasting resources... he was right then he is right now.

So if your house does not contain Tupperware... my wife avoids Tupperware parties like the plague... she buys them for pennies on the dollar at Goodwill...

Perhaps your house is not utilizing Ziploc bags to freeze your leftovers from the meals that you prepare... you have several opportunities to save... and not just money... although that is a wonderful byproduct of saving resources.

Thanks for reading saving resources

Are clipping coupons a way of life for you?

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