Saving money on travel some of our favorite methods

Traveling is one of our favorite pastimes, knocking off a location or activity on the bucket list is given high priority... but it doesn't have to cost an arm and leg.

If you've read on this site for any time you know that one of our favorite pastimes is cruising, here's a shot on a recent two-week cruise to Hawaii that ended up costing us less than $100 a day... and that includes everything.

Where do you find good cruise deals?... One of my favorite sites is Vacations to go ...check out their last-minute cruise deals.

Saving money on and rental cars

To save on hotel rooms and rent a car's I recommend... Priceline ...they have a feature called name your own price...using this feature, we obtained a rent a car on Kauai for $15 a day.

WARNING... once you make a reservation with Priceline you are stuck with it.

We knew that all Rent-A-Car companies had free shuttle services from the Kauai cruise port and the airport is only five minutes away... if you rent a car at a cheap price and have to spend 40 bucks on a taxi to get you to the airport you haven't saved anything.

Same thing applies to using the name your own price feature on hotels... most hotels offer free pickup from the airport and free shuttles to cruise ships... same warning applies here all of your savings on the room could quickly be eaten up if you have to pay separately for ground transportation.

We find a way around this problem by choosing the higher rated hotels... you can get cheap rooms and they almost always offer these ground transportation options.

Saving money on travel...airfare

With all of the add-ons for baggage, seat selection, etc.. you have to be very careful in finding the best deal.

This makes Southwest airlines something to always check out... they do not use discounters like Priceline, Kayak, or Expedia...but they do give you two free bags a person... it adds up.

Do not forget the add-ons that are subtle such as airport fees... for instance we flew to Vancouver, BC from Phoenix...Vancouver has a beautiful airport, but any flight from the US will cost you $10 a person to land and take off.

Even more onerous is the tax charged to go through the Panama Canal on a cruise ship... it can be upwards of 200 bucks a person.

Living in Phoenix, we use Allegiant Airlines whenever possible...they fly out of the Mesa Arizona airport which is a long drive for us but they offer very low fares and fly direct from Mesa to smaller airports... using Allegiant saves a lot of time by not stopping in Denver or Dallas when we go east.

The bad news, is that you are nickel and dimed for everything imaginable, early boarding, seat selection, carry-on bag fees, checked bags limited to 40 can save time and money, just be very careful.

Hope you picked up some pointers reading saving money on travel.

Here is the homepage for saving methods

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