Saving methods... Know the three ways

Saving methods, in addition to saving money you can save time and save your resources.

All of these are important.

This is a picture of the process my bride goes through every Wednesday and Sunday, to catalog the various coupons for the items that we use ourselves... or giveaway to the less fortunate.

My wife learned her frugal habits from her late father, who had to work three jobs to keep his family together after the death of Julie's mother when she was two years old... the apple did not fall very far from the tree.

I am not complaining in the slightest, it is the major reason that we had been retired without sacrifice since 1994.

Let's examine saving money, saving resources and saving time.

She now uses her smartphone to download coupons...she also sends text messages...I am a tech Neanderthal  I usually ask a 10 year old when I need help with my phone...

Saving money

Saving money is the most obvious saving method , here is where to start.

Here is an interesting outside source for saving money.

Here's our list of no-brainers...

As you will discover these are mostly common sense and easy to implement.

Saving methods saving resources

Among the three most important ways we save is saving resources...

Saving resources is primarily not wasting what you have.

It also has the benefit of being green and friendly to our environment.

Here is a way to save that we employ almost every week that we are at home... hint, it involves a chicken...

Tupperware, and products like it,  is used in our house on a daily basis and you should too... 

Does my bride purchase these items at parties or  coffees coffees? Not a chance, she buys them at her favorite secondhand store and saves a bundle.

Another one of our saving tricks concerns greeting really should take a look at this page, it brings back so many memories when we look at birthday, anniversary, and Valentine's Day cards that we gave each other in the past... we haven't bought a new card in 20 years I'll guarantee you.

Saving time

Another of our popular ways to save, is saving time.

That folder with coupons...see picture at the top of the page... is always in the car, it doesn't do you any good to have a coupon at home when you have a chance to use one of the store.

We have been in the habit of making lists for a long time, shopping list, things to do and packing list for our trips these have proven to be big timesavers.

Nothing is more frustrating than leaving home, returning and forgetting something.

We hope that you have learned something from the saving methods

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