Saving at an expensive resort

by SteveB
(Bull Valley, IL, USA)

Just returned from two wonderful weeks on Kauai at the Marriott. Where the continental breakfast for one person will run you $16.00 and consists of a small plain bagel/muffin, fruit cup, yogurt and juice (6 oz.) Add a hard boiled egg for $2.00.

The morning after we arrived, I visited Costco where a dozen variety bagels were $5.50, half gallon of guava/orange was $2.75, three pounds sliced pineapple at $4.80, and two pound variety yogurt containers were $2.10 each.

The under counter fridge at the condo nicely held the week's provisions for both of us at considerable savings plus the pool and ocean look at lot more interesting from the eighth floor lanai of the hotel than the pool deck.

We also used Costco for lunch items (breads, chicken salad, tuna salad). The trick in that place is to stay focused and sample the many goodies as you shop.

GARYS NOTE: Just because the resort is fancy is no reason to overpay. Any resort that has a frig will help you save like Steve. Especially on beverages.

We have found that the Costco rotisserie chicken will make 2 to 3 meals. They are less than $5.00.

Thanks Steve

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