Save money use common sense
Save money, it's not rocket science

Save money use common sense... This is not rocket science folks... It is not that we don't know how to save money it's just that sometimes we ignore, certain ways to save because they seem so elemental.

Any retirement financial plan, will be easier to adhere to if you don't waste money on everyday expenditures.

Every now and then it makes sense to go back and take a look at the basics of saving money.

This is not do as I say, not as I do... These are commonsense methods that we have employed since 1994 when we retired.

These may be considered "secrets"...but there is nothing secret about common sense.

You cannot review these simple, but crucial areas, enough...

Please look at these tips frequently.

The basics of saving money

Save money use common sense...what prompted this page?

The below happens a lot with us, hopefully you will get an idea or concept that you can use to save money

  • The checkout person..."Everything you bought is on sale"...DUH
  • At church..."You shop at Goodwill?"...good stewardship
  • The library..."I didn't know you can check out movies and magazines..."
  • In a magazine..."Never shop when you're hungry"...DUH
  • In a magazine..."Always bring your complaints to a manager...only they can say "yes"
  • In a magazine..." Always use your credit card... You have recourse to them as well as the merchant"
  • A friend..."I never buy online"... You always pay too much, Buddy"

Learning to complain to the right person, a person that has authority, is crucial but can be maddening at times especially on the phone. When ever I talk to a company like Direct TV you have to realize that each time you ask to speak to a supervisor...or cut to the chase and threaten to discontinue service (does customer retention ring a bell) will finally reach someone that will really have the ability to save you money.

Block out an hour or so for this excruciating experience...but my Direct TV bill went from $105 per month to $58 per month when I was patient enough to get to the right your time worth $47 an hour for saving $47 a month? no loss of channels or equipment...I thought so.


One would think that save money use common sense, would be a way of life... With the hard economic times we are facing...

With the above scenarios occurring in one week... I'm not so sure that everyone takes saving money seriously... Better to be repetitive then silent... Hope this helps.

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Save money use common sense

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