Hello, have you ever just dreamed of chucking it all...getting on a sailboat...and heading for the Caribbean? We did and made it a reality for eight wonderful years...You can too.
Live the dream

Now you have a resource,of the steps we took to go from zero experience... And by no experience I mean never stepping foot on a sailboat before... To living the dream for eight years in the Caribbean.

Here's what you'll get in e-book form... 99 pages of original content:
  • How we got the inspiration for this lifestyle
  • The steps we took to get ready
  • How to get a reluctant spouse or partner to embrace this lifestyle
  • The lack of encouragement you can expect from others
  • The realization that you will pick up knowledge as you go
  • How different sailboat cruising is from sailboat racing
  • How safe the lifestyle will be
  • How little the lifestyle will cost
  • How much fun you will have in a sailboat in the Caribbean
  • You will learn what is the one trait you must possess
  • You will avoid making an expensive mistake if this is not for you
This is a step-by-step process to living on a sailboat in the Caribbean.

Jimmy Buffett is right... Changes in latitude mean changes in attitude.

You can find your personal Margaritaville as well.

Order your copy right now and take action on enjoying this wonderful, fun, safe and cheap lifestyle.

For only $27 you will get all the the tools you need to make this dream a reality.

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Happy sailing!!