Retiring with GP

What I decided to put up a Facebook page, entitled retiring with GP I was surprised at the positive reaction.

I have not used Facebook since 2015, never have used Twittter...but the advice on this page is not out dated.

Facebook is great for families etc, I just stopped using it to promote this site.

We Americans seem to be a soundbite generation... It being much easier for us to digest information in a few seconds then taking the time to read a full-blown webpage.

However, whatever it takes to get the message out... And get it out quickly... Is what I will do.

The news, at least the published news, is so very predictable... Bad news and doom and gloom sell more than positive stories... Hence most of the articles that I post reflect the hopelessness of baby boomers and their retirement plans.

Retiring with GP, allows me to comment on the errors that I see the mainstream media... And the mainstream financial thinking on retirement.

Retiring with GP...a few examples of mainstream retirement planning

Recently I caught an article that had the following guidelines for how much money people had to have saved at certain points in their life, to be able to enjoy "normal" retirement... You might want to put your coffee down... I don't want coffee all over your monitor.

  • At age 35 you need to have assets equaling 1 to 2 years of your yearly gross income
  • At age 45 you need to have assets equaling 3 to 4 years of your yearly gross income
  • At age 55 you need to have assets equaling 6 to 8 years of your yearly gross income
  • At age 65 you need to have assets equaling 10 to 12 years of your yearly gross income

People actually buy into this way of thinking.The Chicago Tribune recently reported that only 24% of American families have six months worth of living expenses squirreled away for emergencies... The same number have no savings whatsoever...Suzy Orman , recommends the same thing, first thing you do is put away six months worth of expenses.

Remember that the average credit card debt is over $6000 per family.

If you had any savings whatsoever, which is earning maybe 1 to 2%, wouldn't you use that to pay off credit card debt which charges interest rates of 18% and up?

Is there any wonder that baby boomers are less than optimistic about being able to retire?

Baby boomers need practical information... Now

If you sign up to get the free e-book , in the upper right-hand corner of this page, How to avoid the five biggest mistakes when planning retirement, it will also get you signed up to receive two or three e-mails every week with practical retirement information... E-mail, and Facebook, is a much more effective way of disseminating current information...I would urge you to sign up now and get on the e-mail list.

Retiring with GP will hopefully become your go to source for information on retirement you certainly will not get from the big financial companies.

Why don't I use Facebook anymore...the mainstream tech companies use "data mining", on every, email, post, or God forbid tweet you make.

I have no intention of giving up any more of my info...other than this enrich Mr Zuckerberg.

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