by Vijay

Mexico a beautiful place to spend your old age, yes it is really great and I love the culture of the people. Many parts of Mexico have a dry climate and the rainfall also is very moderate.

Durango is a state where I am spending my life after my retirement.

Life in Mexico is very cheap when you compare to other foreign countries. $2000 is enough for two persons to spend on daily needs.

The law in country is also very good and the people trust the court orders. The security in my area is good and there is emergency service around the clock.

Once my daughter had a severe fever and my neighbor was very kind enough to look after my kids during my absence. The medical care was first rate...and cheap.

During the evening time you can go for a nice walk in the streets of the country. The climate during the evening is very pleasant.

The pollution in the country is also very low and older people have a healthy life. Many say the crime rate is very high in the country but I have never faced any crime or heard of any crime in my neighborhood.

During the weekend I have a great time with my grand sons. We always prefer the beautiful wildlife parks in the country.

I love the atmosphere in Mexico and the flora and fauna.

In my opinion retiring to Mexico offers many advantages to you like the beaches, mountains, fresh air, and the culture.

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