Retiring to Arizona useful links

Congratulations, you are making a wise choice by retiring to Arizona, the choice of more and more discerning retirees.

As of 2020 there is no shortage of land in Arizona, so if a new home is on Your retirement wish list Arizona should be on your radar.

I have been here since 2004, love it, and am not one of the narrow minded who say..."It's too crowded now...go somewhere else"...not the right attitude.

I am reminded, of living in Jacksonville, Florida in the 1970's. Driving south on I95 close to the Georgia border...was a billboard stating..."Welcome to Florida...Now Go Home".

I am not making this up.

I am sure you will miss your snowblower, galoshes, ice scraper, and fur-lined hats...Yeah will get used to wearing shorts to play golf in me on this.

Here are some useful links that you will need sooner or later for things like car registrations, license plates, drivers license, voter registration, and all the stuff we used to get when moving to a new town...remember the welcome wagon?

Or am I dating myself?

Arizona state links

The home page . This is stop one...

By choosing to retire to Arizona you have made a very wise decision...after all the writer decided to retire to Arizona in 2004... I have never regretted that decision... I admit that having sunshine over 320 days year... Takes a bit of getting used to... But I'm sure you'll rapidly adapt... You will find the people in Arizona to be very friendly and helpful... And despite the number of retirees Arizona is a very young and vibrant state.

Young people, like everyone else I really enjoy shoveling snow, or would I rather forego a winter coat and play golf and tennis year round.

You may be surprised that Arizona currently has a median age of 37.7...35th in the US...per Wikipedia

Another thing...some will say not having four seasons will be boring...sunshine every day is not boring, no sane person in Arizona contemplates seppuku because they have not seen a cloud in weeks.

Hopefully this list of retiring to Arizona useful links, will help you to find the information that you are going to need as a new resident of Arizona... Congratulations again on having the good sense to retire to Arizona.

Retiring to Arizona useful links

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