Retiring in the State of South Carolina

by Stephanie
(Charleston, SC, USA)

Charleston Waterfront Housing

Charleston Waterfront Housing

I had a very hard time deciding where I was going to settle down for my retirement. I had been working all my life and wanted to live in a nice home away from all the hassles that had become commonplace in my life.

I visited several states when deciding on property to purchase for my husband and I then I finally settled it when I visited the great state of South Carolina.

The best state to retire in is South Carolina, or at least that's what I believe so. I talked with a lot of older, retired folks during my time there and they seemed like some of the happiest people I have ever met. These people had retired in Charleston, South Carolina.

I asked them if there was anywhere else in the country they could imagine living and every single person gave me a flat-out "No."

After talking with the older folks there I went and visited some property. I must say that Charleston has some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen in any state in our beautiful America.

I was especially drawn to the waterfront property here. There were houses in Charleston that would fit the needs and budget of anyone looking to settle down.

My husband agreed that the best state to retire in would be South Carolina. After we made our decision we decided to quickly find a place which we were interested in purchasing.

We had the money saved to do so. We were taken in by a local real estate agency that showed us the way. This nice lady, Tina, showed us a beautiful waterfront home in Charleston that was cheap, cozy, and absolutely stunning.

As of right now I've been living in Charleston South Carolina. I'm retired, of course, and loving every minute of life. Those locals I spoke to before are now some of my best friends. I completely understand why they enjoyed their life so much because now I'm living it. I never could have dreamed that retirement would be this great!

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