Retirement Planning Guide

Retirement planning guide usually focus on dollars and cents...careful:

Give more weight to your age...the sooner you retire the longer you will be retired.

Most have been brain-washed into focusing on money...4% percent withdrawal formulas...cautioned to not outlive your money.

Make sure you factor in your physical ability to do the things you want to do...a)retire with less and go hiking; or b)retire rich go to the rocking chair.

When I say your retirement planner is brain washing you, I am referring to the fact that he or she is not anxious to lose you as a client.

They...the retirement planners...have families too...but it is not your family.

What the baby boomers say

Retirement is kidding...gone are the days of cradle to grave relationships with a big company.

According to a Del Webb survey of baby boomers...73% of boomers plan to work after "retirement".

Some of that is self-inflicted, like no or poor savings habits.

So any retirement planning  that does not address earning in retirement is short sided.

Enter the virtual workplace

You are reading this because you went online looking for information. I am writing this to supply you that information and to earn at the same time.

Having an online business will become more and more popular with retirees.

Why an online business?

Freedom...that is why. You have worked all your life and you deserve retirement.

Do not swap one job for another.

If you do you are still beholden to a company or employer.

Taking charge yourself will become more and popular with Boomers.

Only an online business gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, and on what you choose.

But I do not have a product to sell online

Yes you do...the unique life experiences you have, or your hobbies and interests will be of value to someone in the vast world of the internet.

That is the at something you actually enjoy. You can still earn and enjoy "work" for a change. Here is how I did it... Here is how to retire to the internet.

Retirement planning guide conclusion

Your guide to retirement planning should include the reality of working in retirement. If you are going to have to work in retirement any way...and 73% of Boomers say they at something you enjoy. 

Best retirement advice

Early retirement planning

Retirement planning guide... How much $

Financial planning

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