Retirement planners... Hire yourself first

Your best retirement planner is you

Retirement planners...stop and think... who really cares more about my retirement?  My wife and I?  Or someone else? Here is a picture of the husband wife team we use.

Retirement financial planners are not evil people... they have families to raise just like you and I.

You just need to understand that they are trying to provide for their families as well... but you are the person retiring... not him or her.

 Whose family do you think they would put first... yours or theirs?

 I am not being cynical but that's a simple fact.

 I have used financial planners in the past, and just like any profession  there are good ones and not so good ones.

 If you do choose a financial planner,  make sure you choose a top producer  or a very successful planner... their success and production is a reflection of what they had done in the past... successful people like to deal with other successful people.

"Free"  retirement planners tactics

How many times have you been invited to a dinner or a lunch sponsored by financial planning group?

 I am sure you have seen them advertised,  usually qualifying people with net  worths of over  $500,000... that should be clue number one. If you don't have money to invest it's not worth their time.

 Ever stop and wonder how much those meals cost?  Trust me if they didn't make more at those lunches and dinners...they wouldn't have  them.

 If you do happen to sign up for a portfolio review... here are some things that will never happen:

  1. They look at your investments and say they are just fine
  2. They will not try and sell you one of their products
  3. They will not say you are doing fine doing your own planning
  4. They will never say that the company you are with is better than their own
  5. Never point out the folly of not investing with them
  6. Fail to point out that financial planning is just as complicated as neurosurgery

 The point is very simple,  if you don't change your portfolio to include some of their products,  they do not make any commissions  and they cannot cover the cost of these "free"  meals.

 The status quo in any situation is poison to a financial planner... they only earn when you buy from them.

Use retirement planners if you must... remember that rule number one,  is that you are the one retiring.

Rule number two... see rule number one.

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