Retirement Parks...there is fun in numbersRetirement parks

A retirement park is a group of park model homes and/or RVs...they offer activities,amenities and security for retirees...not found in a traditional neighborhood.

I live in Arizona and there are tons of these parks...especially in the Phoenix suburbs of Mesa and Apache Junction.

They run the gamut in could spend up to $150,000 or as little as $15,000 for your not expect much land...these parks put lots of people into small tracts of land.

There is strength in numbers...many amenities when spread over a thousand people or more are very cheap...some have golf courses, woodshops, craft rooms, and swimming pools.

Activites or Relaxation

Think of life on a cruise ship...if you want you can be busy from 6AM to midnight...or you can grab a lounge chair, sit by the pool, read a book, have a is your choice.

That is the beauty of these want to be busy, you want to relax, you can are in control.

Park ownership

When looking at parks and trying to decide on what works for attention to how the park is administered. Are there assesments for capital the homeowners "own" the property...if managed by a firm, check out similar properties that they manage.

Most importantly...ask questions of current residents, their likes and dislikes. Do not wait until after you have closed to discover that the residents are in revolt over the new park rules and your homework.

Monthly fees

The monthly fees, which are assessed year round, can range from $250 to $750. Check what services are included in this fee...look around is the park neat?, is the park secure?, is the office staff cheerful and helpful?


Before you decide to work longer thinking you cannot afford to retire...check out parks for may be pleasantly surprised.

Retirement parks

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