Retirement obstacles that are self-imposed

Stop and think about the following items and how they may be affecting your ability to save for retirement.

  • Your clothing costs for work...appearances
  • Your costs for commuting to work
  • New cars for appearances
  • Club dues, professional association fees
  • Vacation costs, you splurge with only two weeks off the year
  • Entertainment and dining

Now let's take the same parameters from a retirement aspect...

Have you examined these retirement obstacles?

Can you see how maintaining appearances at work, and with your peer group, costs a lot of money.

Go back and look over your expenses that you incur from the first list... you may want to sit down first.

Now compare how much you can save by adhering to living by the second list...

Now think about you trading your young energetic years for a shorter retirement when you're older.

Retirement obstacles, can you now see that many are self-imposed?

Would not you rather be enjoying yourself like this fellow... or lady.

The entire cost of his fishing equipment could equal the cost of one suit of clothes... or one family vacation to Hawaii

He or she can use this equipment every day they so choose. 

In my case that would be every day...but I know that is not practical...have to give the fish a rest sometime.


I hope you realize That keeping up with the Joneses... Or any other activity that you engage in just for appearance's sake will end up hindering your retirement dreams.

I heard in the sales seminar once, quote... When you tell people about your problems... 90% don't care,… And 10% are glad you got em.

Now that is a little cynical, but you have to realize that a lot of your obstacles to retirement are truly self-imposed… He requires focus on what your goals are, and asking yourself this question… Is what I am doing right now getting me closer to retirement or than from retirement.

If you stay focused you will find it so much easier to achieve your dream of an early retirement.

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