Retirement location checklist... What's important?

When making your retirement location checklist, realize that what is good for some, will not do for others.

I may look for recreational opportunities such as golf courses... Someone else would require being close to operas, symphonies and the theater.

Neither criteria is correct... But be careful that someone else's opinion  in what makes a great retirement location may have nothing to do with you....

Here is what Money magazine thinks you should consider...

What may be important to the reporters putting together such a list may or may not hit your hot buttons.

Always remember who is retiring? You or them?

Some examples for your choosing your best retirement location

Perhaps the following list of criteria will perk your imagination as to what should be on your list.

  • Location to healthcare... Do you have a health  situation that makes readily available medical attention important?
  • Local taxes... Do they have a state income tax? Do they tax Social Security? 
  • Clubs and activities... Are you a Rotarian, or Kiwani? Do you enjoy square dancing? Are you a radio controlled airplane aficionado? Get the picture?
  • Volunteer opportunities... Does this particular retirement location offer opportunities for service? is there a food bank nearby?
  • Recreational opportunities... If you like the beach I would not consider the Midwest for my retirement home... Are you a hunter or fisherperson? Are there locations nearby for that activity?
  • Safety... What is a local crime rate? Do houses have bars on the windows?
  • Proximity to transportation... Is an international airport important to you? Do you take many trips to the grandchildren.
  • Educational opportunities... Is there a college nearby where you can take continuing education classes?

This list could go on for pages, just make sure that your retirement location checklist does not leave out anything that's important to you.