Retirement hobbies makes for healthy retirement

 One would think that retirement hobbies would not require a lot of thought.

Some retirees do not give this the attention that it deserves...and make statements like" when I retire I'm not going to do anything"... you need to retire to something.

 If work is all that you know I would not consider retiring until you have identified an outlet... sport,  hobby, interest, or travel ...for you to pursue when you retire.

 Never be like this sad retiree who retired without direction or purpose. 

He  advised  a new retiree, " Never go to the post office and the bank on the same day."

That does not sound like a retirement that I would enjoy.

You rest you rust... is not just a clever saying...there is a lot of truth to it.

Poor retirement planning... working too long

A major aerospace company over many years ago, tracked a group of people that took early retirement at 50 and compared them to people that waited  until age 65 to retire.

 This company discovered that they had and excess in their retirement fund and wanted to know why...nice problem to have...for them,not their retirees.

 If this study is anywhere close to being true it should make you stop and think.

The gist is this,  those that retired at 50 lived to an average age of over 80... those that retired at 65 lived an average of two years.

Look beyond traditional retirement hobbies

The gentleman in the picture above is after my own heart,  I love to fly fish. In fact it has replaced golf in my favorite activity list. I now have an inexpensive aluminum boat that I use to fish the lakes in central Oregon. There is nothing more least to being on the water enjoying the beauty of God's creation. The guy above doesn't have a boat but he is still happy.

This may or may not have any attraction to your individual wants and desires.

 Don't allow yourself to be influenced by peer pressure and take up a  certain hobby,  unless you really enjoy that particular hobby.

 Try volunteering... work at a local food bank... Meals on Wheels... be a hospital volunteer... drive the elderly to doctors appointments... the list for fulfilling volunteer work is endless and will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

Enjoy the process of examining retirement hobbies ...just make sure that you find one.

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