Retiree jobs...what will you do?Retiree jobs...your options

72 percent of baby boomers say they will work in retirement. Why is that?

Only 54% have $25,000 or more saved for retirement. That is the US this is due to many factors.

One, half of the 54% have zero savings...none of the reasons for this are could be a sense of entitlement that to save means not having the goods we feel we deserve.

Two, remember the average family has a credit card debt of over $8,000 use saving at 2 percent interest when you are being charged 18% on your credit card balance.

The stock market has not performed well choose the reason for that...there is plenty of blame to go around.

Here's a video that tells how and why I started this websiteWhat type of jobs will be available?

Here are some retiree jobs for boomers:

  • Work in your active retirement the golf course, the gym, the activty center
  • Walmart greeter
  • Real estate brokerage and property management
  • Retail work, coffee shops, Costco

In Arizona, we have friends that are doing every one of the above so they are available. There are also many opportunites for volunteer work such as hospitals, food banks, thrift shops...but they do not pay anything.

How to look fully retired when you are still working

I appear to be fully retired to my friends but this site and others that you are visiting now provides a nice supplemental income to Social Security and what is left of my 201K...I wish I were totally joking about a 201K.

"Virtual retirement" to a website(s) is something more and more will be looking to for their best retirement living. Here's how.

Retiree jobs

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