Retired and living in Panama

by Rudi

I moved to Panama in the month of July of 1997. I bought a home in San Pablo Viejo Abajo, which is about 20 minutes from the city of

David, in the Province of Chiriqui.

I selected this spot as I wanted to live away from the city but not so far as it would take me hours to get to a place to do our shopping.

In the fourteen years that I have lived here I am still happy that I made the move.

Although things are a little different here than in the states, I have been able to adapt and it has made my life with my wife happy.

Several things that Panama does offer retirees that are permanent residence status helps to adapt to the changes that one is not used to living in another country.

There are so many discounts for retirees that are on permanent residence status, and for that alone Panama is a place where one would want to live. The United States has no programs that give discounts to retirees such as Panama has.

Imagine 25 percent discount on phone, electric, and water bill.50 percent off on movie tickets, and other entertainments sites like an
international fair entrance fee. Discounts on bus fares and plane tickets,and hotel stays, and so much more, this alone attracts one to live in Panama.

I have lived in various countries before as I was in the Military, but I choose to live in Panama for the climate and an opportunity to live in the country but very close to the city.

Yes, prices have changed from when I first came here and everything is more expensive, but with more modern technology and more commercial business to choose from it comes with the territory.

Any foreigner who is retired and comes to live in Panama is still ahead of the the rest of the people of Panama when it comes to adjusting to the higher prices as the average income of a normal Panamamina is between 400 to 500 dollars
a month.

Whenever making a decision to pack your bags and move to another country as I and my wife did it takes a lot of searching and studying about the
country you want to start your life again with, and we did just that and now being able to speak Spanish it has even made it a lot more easier to
mingle with the people of Panama and fend for yourself.

Even though my wife is from Panama, we did live in the states for quite some time, and now our home is Panama.

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