Retire to a Cruise Ship

Retire to a Cruise can be done

To retire to a cruise ship makes perfect sense.

It is cheaper then assisted-living.

There are several ways:

Have you ever wanted to stay aboard the ship when the vacation is over?

Remember, the cruise ship is a floating hotel...empty rooms (cabins) produce no ships will fill some of these rooms at low rates to certain folks.

How cheap?

For some they will be able to get a cabin for say $30 per person per night.

You will be expected to also pay gratuities at $10 per person per night.

Where can you get room and board, travel and be entertained for $1200 a month?.

Retire to a cruise ship, this is retirement living at it's best.

Who would be a candidate to retire to a cruise ship?

The cruise ships do not advertise these vastly reduced rates...if they did they would have very unhappy passengers who paid well in advance at advertised rates. These last minute rates are held for certain folks:

  • A former passenger whose beverages, shore excusions charges are consisently high
  • Ditto for a gambler...Las Vegas comps rooms to high rollers every day
  • A passenger who is very friendly...mingles easily...good PR for the line
  • A passenger who dresses nicely and has social graces
  • Men, as above, who might dance with the ladies...Walter Matthau?

These are examples of how to get part of your cruise fare offset... Same thing works for someone who says I want to stay on board for six months. 

cruise ships

Think about it folks...if you are a dependable revenue stream...and are not a troublemaker...getting you on board makes good sense.

The empty cabin produces no income or benefit to the cruise line...the labor costs are fixed the extra food (as if food is a problem on a cruise ship) you would consume is minimal.

Now if you do not drink, take shore excursions, and your room charges consists solely of the suggested will be in less demand.

Nothing wrong with you it is a business decision.

Some can go free or get paid

For a lucky few you can cruise free or get paid. Check out the folks that give lectures on board ship...that one hour presentation in the theater may have given them a free vacation...their spouse as well. Athletes same you have a skill or knowledge that may make for an interesting on board presentation? Hmmm...I have done it once and will consider doing it again.

What next?

If you live in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area you know all about this way of life.

Some can stay on ships for a month some 2 to 3 weeks out of 4.

The last cruise that we were on one couple had been on Princess cruise line for over 1400 days... Almost 4 years.

How to get stated above certain passengers are more desirable than others for this program. Let it be known to the line direct that you are available for last minute cruises...sell yourself with pictures may find yourself snickering to yourself on the promenade deck in January. 

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