Retire to Wickenburg

Those that retire to Wickenburg, will find a small town, around 7000 residents, 60 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix.

If you are going to Las Vegas, from Phoenix or Tucson, you will probably go through Wickenburg...otherwise you may never know that Wickenburg exists...and that is just fine, with the residents.

Wickenburg has in elevation of 2100 feet, or 1000 feet higher than instead of getting to 115 in the summer, it may be a chilly 100 in Wickenburg.

Wickenburg used to be a gold-mining town, and got its name from a fortunate German miner, named Henry Wickenburg...his mine reportedly pulled $30 million out of the ground in the 1860s.

Things to do in Wickenburg

old Wickenburg train station

This is the old Santa Fe railroad depot... It now houses the Chamber of Commerce and a small museum.

For a small town, Wickenburg has a lot of things to keeping with the Wild West feel the town there are no less than four working dude ranches in the Wickenburg area.

Wickenburg had a rather unusual jail in its early days...seems they used to chain the bad guys to a Mesquite tree that is now two hundred years old...I doubt the ACLU would approve.

At any rate Wickenburg has a certain charm, and visitors are made to feel very welcome. Stop by the Chamber of Commerce office and get a map of the walking tour that points out the highlights in the old town. If you are hungry, try the Twin Wheels Cafe downtown...good grub.

Who would be a prime candidate retire to Wickenburg?

Someone who enjoys the unhurried pace of a small town, but wants all the amenities, shopping, hospitals of a big town within a half-hour's drive... An hours drive will take you to Phoenix, its International airport, etc.

Because there are so many dude ranches in the area, a retiree that enjoys horses would be right at home on the outskirts of Wickenburg.

Do not think, that Wickenburg lacks culture... The Del Webb Center for the performing arts is a 600 seat facility on the campus of the local high school, and has performers come from all over the states.

The Desert Cabelleros Western Museum, although small in size, is dedicated to preserving Arizona and Western has several very nice sculptures...check it out.

Retire in Wickenburg...because of its rural feel, for someone wanting a little acreage with his home.

Retire to Wickenburg, Arizona

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