Retire to Kingman

When you retire to Kingman, you are retiring to a city with an elevation of 3300 feet and a population of around 27,000 people.

Kingman was founded in 1882...during World War II Kingman was the site of one of the air forces largest training field with 35,000 aviators and soldiers being processed through Kingman.

Kingman is located in the northwest section of Arizona 60 miles from California... Historic Route 66 runs through Kingman.

Kingman is located 100 miles from Las Vegas and three hours from the South rim of the Grand Canyon. If you can't wait that long to gamble, Laughlin Nevada is 30 miles from Kingman.

Things you might not know about Kingman

Clark Gable and Carol Lombard were married in Kingman... Sounds like a long way from the boat featured in Captain Ron.

Kingman is also known as the hometown of the cowboy actor Andy Devine...who made over 400 movies. One of the main thoroughfares in Kingman, is Andy Devine Avenue.

Kingman is also 70 miles away from the new Grand Canyon's a little pricey, $75 per person to experience the skywalk... Don't bother if you have acrophobia, the skywalk is perched 4000 feet over the canyon floor. You also have to endure a 10 mile dusty ride on a dirt road to get there.

Kingman is the largest city in northwest Arizona and serves as a hub for the 175,000 folks in the region...while still maintaining it small town charm.

Retire to Kingman extras

If you retire in Kingman you are going to find affordable land and housing, yet still be close to shopping, restaurants, hospitals... All with Las Vegas and its attractions less than a two-hour drive away. Incidentally the new bridge over the Hoover dam is now open...the bridge itself is spectacular.

When driving north you will not be able to see the Hoover Dam from the attention the turnoff is a mile or so north, you park and walk back to see the bridge...well worth it folks.

It is named for Pat Tillman, a true American hero, graduate of the local university that we root for, Arizona State University.

Pat was an All American at ASU and was playing pro football...he walked away from a multi-million dollar contract to enlist in the US Army after 9/11...putting country above self.

He was killed in Afghanistan serving his country...I for one am very proud to live in a state that he lived and played in.

Retire to Kingman Arizona

The official Kingman tourism site

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