Retire to on the side of a mountain

If you retire to Jerome, you will be joining slightly less than 500 residents who enjoy the vistas and artist colony feel that this unique town offers residents and visitors alike.

10 miles from Cottonwood, you are literally on the side of the mountain, at 5200 feet elevation...yep it gets snow in the winter.

Arizona state highway 89A is the only way in and out of town...if you are in an RV and decide to ignore the sign prohibiting any vehicle larger than 30 feet... The townspeople will thank you for the the fine you will pay to get you through town... The streets are steep and the turns are sharp... Don't let this be you.

History of Jerome

Jerome Arizona... Life on the side of the mountain

Jerome was founded in 1876... At one time, in its heyday in the 20s, Jerome was the fourth-largest city in Arizona... It had around 15,000 residents.

After the mines closed the population dwindled to 50 folks...there was a problem with vandalism and squatting with all the abandoned buildings... In 1976 Jerome became a national historic landmark.

Today it is populated, with many art galleries,souvenir shops...this all makes for a very attractive place to spend a few hours if you have good, strong walking shoes...retire to Jerome and get your daily exercise.

Retire to Jerome... attractions

My favorite thing to do in Jerome is visit the private art galleries and the artists co-op.

Over 30 artists work are offered here N/A found the prices to be reasonable.

If you have time to be treated rudely...Go to the winery tasting rooms in Jerome.

You will have the privilege of paying $10 for a taste that is not credited toward your purchase of a bottle of wine.

Jerome lodging

If you have time for an overnight stay, the Ghost City Inn, is an award-winning bed-and-breakfast that is reasonably priced, $95 to $150, especially when compared to pricey Sedona.

The Jerome Grand Hotel has the most outstanding views in Jerome. At one time, in the 1920s, it was a hospital supposed to be the finest in all of Arizona. The building was abandoned for 44 years before being restored in 1994.


If you retire in Jerome, let me know, for it certainly is not for everyone... It may be a better place to visit, for a day, or an overnight getaway... Whatever you decide Jerome is a must-see for all folks living or visiting in Arizona.

Retire to Jerome, Arizona

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