Retire to Flagstaff

When you retire to Flagstaff, you are centrally located to the most visited attractions in Arizona... The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Prescott and Phoenix are all within a two or three-hour drive.

At 7000 feet elevation, Flagstaff experiences all four seasons...including snow, Flagstaff is home to Arizona snowbowl...and you thought Arizona was all desert?

Flagstaff is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Arizona... all in a Ponderosa pine setting.

Did you realize that Arizona is over half forest land? And you thought all we had was cactus.

Retire to Flagstaff... facts

Flagstaff is the county seat of Coconino County, and has the distinction of being the second largest county in the United States.

Flagstaff is a university town, with the four year Northern Arizona University, giving Flagstaff a young and vibrant heartbeat.

Flagstaff is 150 miles from Phoenix, a little over two hours all on Interstate 17.

Driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff will mean an increase of 5000 feet in elevation, note that the Saguaro cactus disappears at about 4000 feet elevation.

Flagstaff is also home to the Arizona Cardinals summer camp...can you imagine a Phoenix-based summer camp for the NFL with temperatures over hundred degrees? That's why they have summer camp in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff real estate

If you retire in Flagstaff you will have choices ranging from the million dollar golf course properties at Forest Highlands or Pine Canyon to the Park model community of Munds Park, where a new Park model might cost you $30,000.

Flagstaff has a population of 60,000, which is boosted in the summertime, by second home owners from Phoenix. We call desert winter visitors snowbirds, I wonder if the summer visitors from Phoenix are called cool birds?

More Flagstaff retirement information

a view of downtown Flagstaff

Flagstaff contains many cultural attractions ... Among them a fine arboretum and Lowell planetarium, a testimony to the clear skies around Flagstaff.

The Museum of Northern Arizona, has an award-winning display showcasing the Native Americans of the Colorado Plateau.

The downtown area of Flagstaff,shown on the left, is home to many unique shops, art galleries and restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines.

For the person contemplating retirement to Flagstaff, the appeal of its size, and its central location to Arizona's attractions, make it a popular choice for the best Arizona retirement living.

See, Arizona is not just about desert.

Retire to Flagstaff Arizona

The official Flagstaff website

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