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This website was produced by a 65 year old that knew less than zero about the internet and computers.

When you retire online you will be ahead of the curve. Why?

To retire online or experience virtual retirement will be more and more popular with Baby Boomers...start now and get in the front of the line.

I had been fully retired, not earning, for 15 years, before the 2008 stock market dive turned my 401K into a 201K.

After being really retired that long I had developed a strong aversion to returning to "real work".

Since I worked on straight commission...I was a commercial real estate broker...I knew I could make a lot of money if I started back into that business.

My dilemma

After 15 years of retirement, spending all day with my bride of now 36 years, I was bound and determined not to get back in the rat race...I am retired and am staying retired.

However I did the math and figured we could only live our current lifestyle for another 5 years without an infusion of cash.

We agreed on the following:

  • My wife would not go back to work
  • I would try something different but we would still be together 24/7
  • We would give it a year and regroup
  • If it did not work we would go back to fulltime RVing or move to Mexico

The purported advantages of retiring online were:

  • Live anywhere you want
  • Work anytime you want
  • Once established, the income flows passively, while you sleep
  • No boss other than yourself

The reality

ere is what took me 3 months to realize:

  • I knew less than an average 3rd grader about computers
  • I would need a lot of help to get up to speed online
  • The top one percent of online earners, sell programs showing you how to earn online
  • The GRQ schemes are too good to be true...there are no shortcuts
  • I would have to work hard to make retiring online a reality

The rest of the story

Here is what I found:

  • I found the program to teach me all I needed to know about succeeding online
  • The training is do it yourself and required a lot of diligent study
  • The program overdelivers and is very professional
  • You do not need a product to sell...your product is your unique life experiences
  • As promised if you do your part, they will do theirs, and you will succeed
  • I have exceeded my income goals and we can stay "retired"


To retire online will give you the extra money that you will need to stay retired. It is hard work, but very rewarding to know that you are doing it the right way. If I can do it and succeed, so can you...enjoy it's benefits. 

Questions?...Get them answered fast

Retire online

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