Retire in Missouri

Retire in Missouri, it's not for everyone, there is no one size fits all.

If you are looking for a place where you can retire frugally, it may fit.

If you combine frugal living with a state that places importance on strong family values...take a good look at Missouri.

Retire in Missouri...our Missouri experience

We have spent a lot of time in Missouri with family in the last several years. The region we are the most familiar with is southwest Missouri, the Springfield Branson area. We will confine our remarks to that region.

Branson Facts

retire in Missouri

Branson is a town of 6,000 permanent residents.

The total population can be over 50,000 with all the visitors that flock to the 47 theaters in Branson.

Branson is very proud of the fact it has more (57,000) theater seats than Broadway in NYC...less muggers too.

205 hotel/motels and 410 restaurants provide lodging and food for these visitors.

7 million people visit Branson each year.

The fact that the average age is 58 speaks volumes for its attraction to folks looking to retire in Missouri..

There is a 50s feel to Branson

There are several aspects of Branson. Most people know it from a traffic jam on highway 76, where all the theaters are located.

7 million people visit Branson each year.

The fact that the average age is 58 speaks volumes for its attraction to folks looking to retire in Missouri..

This is old Branson where Dick's Five and Dime has over 50,000 items for sale.

It's an old town feel that makes you think you are back in the fifties.

Branson Landing

retire in missouri

The newest development is Branson Landing which opened in 2006. It is on the water (Lake Taneycomo) and contains a convention center, high end shops and restaurants that cater to a younger crowd.

And for the sportsman, there is a Bass Pro Shop, which got its start in Springfield in 1972.

Branson Landing is a great alternative for the visitor who may not want to watch 3 shows a day.

It is especially festive around Christmas...also do not miss the water display in the central courtyard.


Missouri offers outdoor sports of many kind. There is a strong hunting and fishing background here, both sports that can and are enjoyed in a frugal manner.

retire in Missouri

Here is a trophy brown trout that you can expect to catch in Lake Taneycomo.

The tailwater of Table Rock is truly a blue ribbon fishery.

There is one drawback to fishing there...I don't care how good your waders are or how many pairs of socks you wear.

 The water is so cold,about 42 degrees F...If you can spend more than 3 hours in the water you are indeed a tough hombre.

Missouri golf anyone?

retire in Missouri

If golf is more your style there are several courses you can play without breaking the budget.

When you retire in Missouri you quickly discover that Missouri has blue collar roots and they have a healthy respect for the's a cheap place to live and play.

This is Branson Creek, A John Daly course. John is from Arkansas, Missouri's southern neighbor.

The late great Payne Stewart is from Springfield, 45 miles from Branson.

Tax Stuff

  • State income tax...1.5 to 6% Social Security not taxed if income is lessthan 100K (if this doesn't apply to you, you are on the wrong site)
  • State sales tax....4.2%, 1.2% on food
  • Inheritance/estate tax...none


Retire in Missouri may make sense for some one looking to live in Middle America where life is slower paced...And there is nothing wrong with a slower pace of life.

My favorite aunt and uncle are gone now...but I have very fond memories of them both and the warmth of the people that live in Missouri.

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