Retire in Arizona cheaply... But the park models

Retire in Arizona cheaply, you can do this

If you are thinking trailer park living think again.

Some of the park model communities in the Phoenix area where we live, have over 2000 units with more activities than you can imagine.

Boredom is not an option when you retire to Arizona.

Incidentally, the sunsets are thrown in for free.

Why retire in Arizona?

Most are attracted by the weather. It is a great way to spend the cold weather months.

That is what most owners of park model mobile homes do, spend the winter only and earn the moniker of "snowbird"...I can say that I live here full time.

We also considered Florida as a place to retire with nice weather. We chose Arizona due to low humidity, no bugs, and not worrying about hurricanes in the summer and fall.

We have not regretted our decision once in the 5 years we have been "Zonies".

Why park model mobile homes?

Number one is the cost, the park model mobile homes themselves cost $20,000 to $50,000 new. You can buy a used home, usually furnished for $15,000 or less.

Number two is low maintenance. Think of your unit as a condo, the "association" takes care of all landscaping, security, lighting and maintaining the activity center and pools.

You don't need to hire a housesitter to watch your property. The desert air is kind to homes that are unattended, no mildew.

Rubber stuff in your plumbing is another matter, but minor. Number three is the secure environment. Most parks have guard shacks to control access to the units. Good when you are here, safe when you leave.

Retire in Arizona cheaply is fun too.The list of activities in these parks is mind boggling.

Happy couple in Arizona

My wife and I have lived in Arizona for 7 years now, 2011, and we love every minute of can be this happy as well.

Because you are so close together you do more group activities than you do in a traditional home neighborhood.

I know less than half of the folks that live in the 20 houses closest to me after 7 years. This doesn't happen in the park model community.

Depending on your interests you enjoy group activities. many snowbirds say they look at the time they spend in Arizona as play a summer camp might be.


I am not an unbiased fan of Arizona. No one will admit where they retire to is the pits. It is your choice afterall. How to retire in Arizona cheaply is obtainable to anyone. All can afford a park model. We have room for several more thousands of snowbirds...why don't you join them.

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