Retire in of the tango and much more

Retire in Argentina...a little slice of Europe

If you want Europe without European prices then retire in Argentina.

Argentina is a very diverse country and it is big over 2000 miles top to bottom.

If you are looking for a city that IMHO rivals San Francisco for sophistication and culture...Buenos Aires is the place for you.

The pampas or the plains seem to stretch of the great products of the pampas is Argentinian do you say...lomito por favor.

To go with the outstanding Argentinian beef, is wine made in Argentina.

I especially appreciate their big bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Malbec is an Argentinian wine that is excellent.

We enjoyed quite a bit of Argentinian wine when we lived on the boat in the Caribbean.

You want to retire to some acreage?

Argentina wine country

Argentina is a vast country that would appeal to someone that perhaps always wanted to own a winery on his and her estancia.

You don't know chardonnay from cabernet? No problem, there are ranchers that know the business backwards and forwards...they do it all.

They tend, prune, pick and market your grapes for a percentage of the grapes.

Many landowners enjoy the romance of the wine business, without the headaches...grape ranching is hard work.

I know, one of our best friends in the Dry Creek Valley, Ray and Lori Teldeschi, makes their own wine, Del Carlo an outstanding red, and Ray also takes care of several vineyards for absentee owners...they do well and earn every penny for their hard work.

Escape to Wine Country in Argentina...a great read.

Two cities you might consider Bariloche and San Rafael

If the thought of owning a winery, or just living in the wine country...check out San Rafael in the Mendoza district, one of best known grape growing regions in the country.

Want to live in a Swiss type chalet close to the slopes?..head for Bariloche nestled against the Andes.

The skiing and flyfishing...which would be muy impotante to yours very good. Think the alps when you think of Bariloche.

Both towns are around 150,000 residents and popular with expats.


Retiring in Argentina leaves you with a lot of choices. Buenos Aires, locals called portenos, is the place for culture and fine dining. Mendoza is known for its wines. Anywhere outside the cities you can buy a ranch in your retirement plans?

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Guide to Argentina

Retire in Argentina... The best country to retire?

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