Retire Abroad...a frugal retirement lifestyle option

Retire is perfect for some

Retire abroad? Retiring overseas makes a lot of sense for some but not all retirees. Why is that?

The two biggest motivators for retiring abroad is that it is cheaper than the US...and that it is an adventure.

There is no doubt that living abroad is cheaper than the US...a lot due in part to lower medical costs and less chance of lawsuits.

This excludes living at the Ritz in Paris...certain places in Europe are very expensive...we are talking normal comfortable retirement.

To retire overseas also requires a certain sense of adventure. The differences in culture will be embraced by the retiree who will enjoy living overseas the most.

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San Miguel

The way to the coffee shop in San Miguel de Allende.

Rent First before moving overseas

Obvious to some, rent before you sell all your possessions and move to the beach on Baja. Do not stay in a hotel or motel ...that places you in a vacation mode and it not the same as living in a foreign country.

Rent a furnished apartment for at least a the laundry...go to the bank/post office...take public transportation to the grocery store... experience all the things of everyday life.

By renting an apartment first either you will be running for the airport or congratulating yourself on being so smart.

The right attitude is important to retire abroad

You will know quickly if living overseas is right or not for you. You really should know before you go... Such as:

  • Manana is not a is a way to relax
  • Frustration is not in your vocabulary
  • You look at cruise ship and shake your head
  • You are laid back

If this is are not only going to save are going to put your arms around the local culture...and say AHHH!

It is fruitless to try and convince friends this is smart

Do not waste your breath on folks that, scrunch their nose and say, "You are moving to Mexico??". There are those that think the world does not exist beyond the boundaries of the US...they are very easy to spot when they get off the cruise know who I am talking about.

Ignore are smart by wanting to retire to a foreign country.


Retiring to another country is not for everybody...but for those that do...your bank balance and heart will thank you.

What do you have to lose by living overseas for a month or so?

Retire abroad tips

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