Refinance your home...and save big bucks

Refinance your to you say no-brainer

The easiest way to save money, that I know of, is refinancing your home...Why don't more do this?

In 2010 we refinanced our house not once but twice, both with Quicken loans.

I have saved over $200 a month by doing no cost to increase in my loan amount...a true savings of $200 a month.

The first time I refinanced I got competitive bids...the second time I went direct to the company I used the first time...Quicken loans

Here is a video I did for Quicken after the first refinance...February, 2010

April 2012 update

As mortgage rates are continuing to drop we have refinanced our home for the third time... All using Quicken loans... The process in total was just as painless the third time as it was the second time and the first time. And like the other loans, we received a no closing cost package.

The major difference this time was that Quicken required an appraisal...after 2008 this doesn't surprise me I'm glad someone is doing some due diligence to make sure that mortgage loans are made on a sensible basis...

If you have not refinanced your home I would urge you to do so by clicking on the Quicken loans image on this page... There is no simpler way for you to save significant money on your budget than refinancing.

What to watch out for

After going through the process of getting competitive bids...I apologized to used car comparison to some mortgage brokers, they are honorable people. Not all are bad but you need to watch your step.

A low monthly payment can come at the cost of high upfront costs, you pay for an appraisal, you pay origination points to acquire the loan.

What is a reverse mortgage? Click here! need to check out the clip of the "Fonz"

Here is the reccomended solution

For 14 years prior to early retirement I was a commercial real estate broker...I know a quality first class company when I see it...Quicken loans is the real deal...I used them three times... save yourself some agony, go with Quicken and's how...

Refinance your home